Monday, June 1

APB: Purple is Missing!!

Ellie's lovey, "Purple," has been missing for over a day now. There's really no telling where the stuffed penguin is hiding out, but I am positive Ellie put it wherever it happens to be. Tomorrow, we'll perform a Search and Rescue mission because two nights without your favorite lovey is two nights too many.

But, all is not lost. This was the scene in the girls room tonight:

Ellie, in a very sad tone: "Purple?" She is laying curled up in the corner of her crib.

Maggie: "Hey, Ellie, do you want to sleep with Lambie (her lovey)? It's just as special as Purple."

Ellie: "Yesth."

Maggie hands her lovey to her sister, and Ellie smiles and cuddles up with it.

Love at its best.

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Nana said...

Touching that Maggie offered...more touching that Ellie accepted at her age. Makes me smile.