Friday, May 29

Our Dearest Ellie Boo~

So today you are officially two, although I think those terrible twos hit us like a freight train back in March. You are definitely a third child and our family "baby" for now. You are and always have been the easiest baby to have around. You adore Bentley and Maggie and just light up whenever they walk in the room...and if they play with you, you are over-the-moon with excitement. You are an independent little booger--you insist on doing all things by yourself, even when you really can't!! You make us laugh, and your smile lights up your entire face. These are just a few of the thousands of reasons I am more than in love with you!

But a birthday note just isn't complete without sharing your latest passion--"mahkers." You love to write and draw, and our house and your body is your canvas. I have removed EVERY.SINGLE.WRITING implement I can find, yet you still produce scribbles in various places. I have scrubbed. I have cleaned. I have cried. You have been determined, and any shape of encouragement and/or discipline doesn't really seem to matter to you. And the reality is, my baby girl, I love you despite this. I look at your scribbles, and I think maybe, just maybe, there is a little bit more of me in you than we realize.

So, happy birthday, our little one! We are so very much in love with you, and we are looking forward to the one you are becoming!

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Kim said...

So sweet! I have a duplicate at my house...only male. :)