Saturday, May 2

More on tornadic rotation...

So last night, the dads and kiddos at church went a State Park pretty close to home. Bentley was SUPER-excited to go, and he had a blast. Maggie arrived a little late, but still had a blast. They did all the standard camping things: put up tents, hot dogs for dinner, guitar/singing around the campfire, smores, hanging out in the bathroom while 60 mph winds blew through the area...

They were disrupted by some bad weather, but I am happy to report that all ended well. A few tents went down (rain + high wind = wet), a few went home early, but all in all, my kiddos had a blast. And they had Waffle House this morning, which is somewhere only Daddy would take them anyway.

{Hanging in Emma's tent, after Daddy's was drenched}

{Emily and Maggie at the campfire}

{Thelonius and Bentley}

{Roasting hot dogs}


Anonymous said...

I kept apologizing to Emma b/c of the weather, being her first camping trip and she said Mom I don't care it is all about the experience! LOL!!! Even with having to sit in the boys bathroom to escape the weather for an hour she still had a blast!
Thanks for the pics!

Nana Huff said...

I was out of town and missed all the bad weather. Papaw told me what happened over the phone. I am grateful everyone was ok.