Thursday, May 28

In Honor of our Ten Years Together...

...I present 10 facts about us that you may or may not know!!

1. We were engaged for 5 months and 7 days. In those 5 months, I learned the back roads between Augusta and Statesboro well. I had a handful (well, not quite a handful) of friends who were gracious enough to let me stay with them so that I could visit with John. I also learned more about the friendships/non-friendships of women in those months...with the exception of a few, those girls were not overly friendly with me--the outsider.

2. We married and moved to Atlanta with no jobs. I had already graduated and had been teaching in Augusta, but I still had no job in Atlanta. John graduated about 4 weeks before we married. I stayed home that first summer, and man was it a long summer...John worked construction. We BOTH got jobs in the first week in August, just days before school actually started.

3. I had a list of three "selfish" things I wanted in a husband. John met all three qualifications. Still does--he dances well, he plays guitar, and he enjoys the outdoors. He is now embarrassed that I admitted he dances well.

4. We have never had a hard time picking our kiddos names and agreeing on them. I have only had one name I liked that John shot down, and it was for a very valid reason. ;)

5. I do not iron, John does...even the kiddos church clothes...even my clothes. For this alone, I think he rocks!

6. We both enjoy reading, but I read at a much faster rate than John. He always has 3-4 books he's reading over long periods of time; I always finish my book in a few short days.

7. John drinks an unbelievable amount of coffee (you have my permission to fuss at him), and I drink absolutely no coffee...which is a good thing because there is no more room in our budget for more coffee.

8. We laugh a lot in our house. John is funny. I am funny. Our kids are funny...all three of them. They crack us up every day.

9. We both like a wide variety of foods. There is very little we are not willing to eat and/or try. Thai food is probably our favorite, but real Thai food...not Thai-like food. We like to go the Thai restaurants that have Thai cooks and Thai wait staff. And yes, there is a difference.

10. A friend once asked me if I really believed John was "my one true love" and did I really believe that true love existed in today's society. My answer is still yes. I love John as much today as I did ten years ago, probably even more so. If I could do it all over again, I would. It's been a great ten years!


lisa said...

I am excited that I knew some of those things:) it really doesnt seem like that was 10 years ago!!! man, time flies. you guys are a great fit!! i know john dances well - at least swing dance. we had some good times of me attempting it. i was not good...

John said...

I can't believe you said I dance well. Love you Amy, Happy 10th anniversary! Holy crap, I think we're gonna make it!