Sunday, May 24

Ellie's 2nd Birthday Party!

She's not officially two until Friday, but we celebrated this afternoon! She had a wonderful party--despite the rain. We threw a typical "Huff" birthday party in which kiddos run and play and the adults hang out and enjoy each others' company. Fun for all, I say.

The picture below is very special to me. All five kiddos are newly two or will be by mid-July. It represents the biggest difference between my other kiddos and Ellie. When I had Maggie, it seemed like John and I were the ONLY ones with a baby. I really didn't have a support network at all, and everything was by trial and error. When Bent came along, we had our own experience, but still not many super close friends with a new baby (I think only you, Erryn!). When I had Ellie, so many of our friends had babies at the same time. Ellie was born into a ready-made play group, and I have a ton of friends to lean on for support. These babies ALL belong to people I love dearly. I can look at this picture (which we totally had to stage) and know that we are blessed indeed.


lisa said...

very cute group! i sort of feel bad for the boy though...he's quite out numbered~!

Libby said...

I started to feel bad for the lone boy, but then realized in about 10+ years he will be loving life surrounded by so many cute girls.

Libby said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie!

Kirby said...

Don't feel so bad for Braeden! He must be the luckiest boy around with all of those beauties as buddies!!!