Monday, April 20

Tornadic Rotation

When I first married John and moved to the Atlanta 'burbs, John warned me about sudden "bad" weather. I believe his exact words were to "take the storm sirens seriously." In the last ten years, I have developed a little routine to it all, and it goes a little like this:

1. Know the forecast. I always check in on the forecast every couple of days.

2. Watch and READ the warnings that pop up on the bottom of the TV screen (or listen to them on the radio). Don't fret over them, just be aware.

3. If the storm sirens go off, listen or watch to see the area that is threatened. Sometimes the sirens will go off for an area that is quite a few miles away. If it is not nearby, continue to be aware, but continue on with whatever you are doing.

4. If it is nearby and heading our direction, gather the kiddos and head into the garage's inner room to wait it out.

We rarely get to #4. We do have bad storms, and the sirens do go off quite a bit. We can hear the sirens quite clearly, morning and night, in our house. So far, our system has worked well, and the kiddos know it well.

Late last night, the sirens went off, and we turned on the TV to see what was going on. The area on the map was OUR AREA--as in the were naming the street we live off of... We pulled our heavy sleepers (all three) out of bed and headed for the garage. We stayed there until we could tell that it had passed, and John was listening to the radio as well.

Five minutes after we came back into the house, all three kiddos were back asleep. We had no damage at all--no one in our area had damage. There was a lot of damage about 10 miles east of us, though, so I'm glad we went through the effort to make sure everyone was safe.

And we do take it seriously, but I just can't help but laugh when the weathermen use the term "tornadic rotation."

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angie said...

yep, hit the street over from us...BAD!!! there have been helicopters over our house all day and the police crews all over.

very scary!!