Friday, April 10

Maggie's first ever mission trip.

John, Maggie, and I took some time over spring break and drove to Mississippi. We went with some dear friends from church, and of course, made some more dear friends while we were gone. Maggie was very nervous going but warmed right up when we arrived.

Some men in our church have been helping The Palmer Home for Children as they work on restoring a ranch-style house, in the hopes that one day in the future, the Palmer Home can open the house up for more children. This is our church's third time making this trek, and this time, some of the moms and kiddos tagged along as well. We had the privilege of working in the greenhouses and in the thrift store as John worked on the house. It was such a neat trip for us, and something that I can only hope will begin in Maggie a life-long desire to be a mover and a be willing to see needs and meet be willing to give her life to something greater than herself.

Maggie in one of the greenhouses

The house that John worked on...

All the Moms and kiddos

At the thrift store working

Clothes rack disaster #3,294--Overhanging leads to collapse and chaos!

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Cindy said...

What a wonderful experience for Maggie! I bet it will make a lasting impression.