Wednesday, April 29

It's the little things.

John and I had an evening to ourselves on Sunday, and it ended up being taken hostage by a multiple of things--so we did not get to go out anywhere. Instead, John surprised me with, "Why don't we paint?" What?

He had been in a school last week in which each teacher had a hand-painted door sign. John thought that it would be cool to make our kiddos one. I painted the girls' sign, and he did Bentley's sign. We had a lot of fun--and the kids LOVED their signs when they returned.

{My creation}


lisa said...

I love that! you are so creative. where's John's sign?

The Davis Family said...

What didn't you show John's?

amy said...

The picture of John's is too dark and when I try to fix it, it becomes a mess. I need John to take a better picture with the manual settings on the camera--I don't know how to do that!

It is cool, though. It is blue with yellow lightning. :>