Tuesday, March 17

A Magical Moment

There is a point in early life where the ABC's cease to stand alone, and the little mind begins to sort the sounds into words, the words into sentences, and sentences into stories. It is a point at which you are never quite sure when the little one will arrive, but once he does, there is no doubt his world has become so much bigger. Bentley has arrived.

Tonight he was absolutely adorable, curled up in his bed with his little bed lamp on, sounding out the words and reading himself to sleep.

Two down, one left to go (and I have quite a while with her!).


The Davis Family said...

I am so excited for Bentley. There will be so many new worlds to explore. Chalk one up to his great teacher!

Anonymous said...

Go Bentley!!

The Brantley's said...

How exciting...I can't wait until Bruce starts reading.