Thursday, February 19

My Maggie.

She is 7 1/2. In the last couple of days, she has learned the basic operation of my sewing machine. She made several pillows for her dolls, and then one for her sister because Ellie kept stealing the doll ones. She took over feeding our dogs daily(her idea) and has yet to miss a feeding--even telling me when we were low on dog food. Tonight, I played Boggle with her (a modified version, but still...). I am always a little sad that she's gotten so much bigger--so much of a big kid, but yet, I am loving this stage she's in now. Well, I could do without the whining, but I'll keep the rest.


Jennifer said...

Oh no! I thought the whining quit after the 2's.

Frances said...

Excellent! If she needs more practice I'm still in need of window treatments...!!!

And the bit about the whining, that's supposed to be over by 4 or so I thought. What's up with that?