Wednesday, February 18

Kamalah Hangs Out in Beaufort

Kamalah is one of Maggie's FAVORITE stuffed animals. She is a grey and white kitty who has lived with us for many years now. When John and I went out of town this weekend, Kamalah made the journey with us. We had a lot of fun documenting Beaufort for a little seven year old who was dying to see what her kitten would get to do!

{Looking out at the harbor...what a big world for such small kitty}

{Exploring a Live Oak}

{Learning the difference between Palm trees and Palmetto trees}

{Anchoring down}
When we returned home, Kamalah had a good bath in the washing machine because she was a little too close to all the Spanish Moss!

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HoltonFamily said...

That is so cute and such a neat idea!