Thursday, February 12

An Ellie Update:

Ellie Ryan is growing up!

Yesterday when I asked her a question, she answered me with a "yes 'mam."

Tonight at dinner, she ate her ham and green beans with a fork with no problem at all.

We currently call her our little tornado because we can tell where she has been by the path of destruction she leaves behind her. Seriously.

And her hair is starting to lay down on its own. That is definitely worthy of noting.

I bought her a few spring clothes last week in a size 2T.

We took down the big baby gate in the living room because she can navigate the stairs with no problem whatsoever.

Maggie says she's officially a toddler.

I say no way! She's still our little one!


Kim said...

That's so great. I wish Jasper would figure the stairs out. He can get up but not down. He fell down two the other day.

trmills said...

Hey! Just found your blog through Kim's, and it's great to get an update on your family...everyone looks great and it sounds like Ellie's such a big girl! The rest of the family missed being with you all last weekend but Tim really enjoyed his day at CCC. We'd really like to see you before we leave...(and I have your homeschool things, so we must see each other!:)