Monday, February 2

Curry Potato and Pea Soup Notes to Remember:

1. When a recipe calls for garam marsala, it is always good to ask your Indian neighbors for advice before purchasing. They already have it and are most likely willing to give you what you need. Your local grocery store probably doesn't keep it in stock, and the Indian grocery nearby has it, but it isn't labeled in English. Yes, this is good to know.

2. Refer to #1, and repeat story with Curry Powder.

3. These two ingedients produce some spicy soup. It was very good to eat, but way too hot for 3/5 of the family.

An excerpt from Maggie's journal this morning (unedited):

"I'm so glad daddy made that soup last night because my nose was runnie. That soup was hot not like hot like I am so hot. Like spicy hot. I did not eat it."

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Kim said...

That is a funny story! Poor 3/5 of the family!