Monday, January 5

Surprising Eating Habits

On the menu for tonight:

Pork Tenderloin

This is a meal that I knew Ellie would not care for in the least bit, and I knew Bentley would only want the meat. I cook one meal, and tell the kiddos that I am not a restaurant--they can't make special orders. I generally try to cook at least one thing that every one will want, and then they just have to try whatever it is they don't particularly care for. Maggie eats EVERYTHING, so it is generally Bentley who does more of the trying (and now Ellie). But, hey, I refuse to serve Mac 'n Cheese and chicken nuggets at every meal. All this to say that Bentley ate EVERYTHING that was served tonight, and then asked for seconds on EVERYTHING. I am thinking I need to make this meal weekly. Two out of three kids finishing off our would-be leftovers is a rarity in this joint.

Ellie, on the other hand, looked at her food and said, "EEeeewwww."


HoltonFamily said...

That is great! I am holding out hope that Renee will be our big eater because Zach and Ava would have probably said the same thing as Ellie...but would have tried it anyway since that is the rules(and moaned and gagged and cried about it). And my kids never want seconds unless its dessert! Good job Bentley, I am proud of you!!

The Brantley's said...

Addie will be my picky eater...Bruce wants it all...esp. veggies and fruit. His favorite right now is broccoli.