Tuesday, January 13

Another Homeschool Helper

I was a fifth grade teacher in my past life--you know, pre-kiddos. Every school I have taught in, student-taught in, worked in, and entered into since the mid-1990's has implemented a program called Accelerated Reader in some form or fashion. I am a BIG FAN of AR when it is implemented in a way to encourage independent reading. It is a very expensive program, but for the school systems, it is managable. Not so much for someone who only teaches a few kiddos--like me!

My sister-in-law pointed me in this direction: Book Adventure . It is a program created by Sylvan and open to any readers. Maggie reads books, logs on, and can take quizzes on the books she has finished. She earns points, and can save them for prizes. I can even go in and set up my own prize list for her to earn. It's definitely worth checking into if you have a reader.


Libby said...

Wow, how cool is that! I love AR too! But now that I am home I cannot use it with my own kiddos. I will be checking into this. A loves to read and R is not too far behind. This will be a great incentive for both of them to keep reading. THanks, libby

Frances said...

This is great and the kind of stuff I've been looking for. Any other tips up your sleeve? Thanks for sharing.