Tuesday, December 16

She'll hate me one day for this.

There are days when I wonder just how much of school she absorbs. I worry that I am not teaching enough, or that the information doesn't relate enough for her to file it away as forever knowledge.

We touched a little on the colonization of America during the month of November (now, we are back deep into The Story of the World). We read a lot of books and did a lot of colonial crafts and projects. Independently, she read Judy Moody Declares Independence. In co-op, they learned all about Boston.

Tonight this is what we found:

Maggie, in knickers and buckle shoes, running through her room on a stick horse. All by herself, she ran circles, yelling, "The British are coming, the British are coming." Our very own Paul Revere.


lisa said...

yeah, she will hate you for that picture one day...but it is a good story!!

rachelfancypants@yahoo.com said...

you need to make a slideshow with this picture for her future boyfriend!

so funny!