Tuesday, December 23

Girly Christmas Get-togethers

When we first moved to our house we live in now, Maggie was just a wee little one, and Bentley was on his way to join our world. I passed a dance studio down the street and decided to stop in for information. Although the studio had a class for Maggie's age, I decided to wait until the next fall to sign her up. It was the beginning of Maggie's LOVE for dancing, but it was also the beginning of her developing her own friendships. These girls are her dance buddies, from those first few years. They have remained friends--it helps when your parents are friends!--even though they don't see each other on a weekly basis any more.

We try and get them together for Christmas every year (and actually, a little more often than that). This year, we built a gingerbread house, made food for Santa's reindeer, and roasted marshmallows. It was such a fun evening--old friends sometimes are the best!

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