Sunday, December 7

Christmas Benefit Dance.

There are days when I think I am going to lose my mind with her. Like Thursday evening, when I had been feeling awful all day long. I managed to get her to dress rehearsal that night, and even stayed to watch her dance. She was in a goofy mood and was not paying attention well to her teacher or the other girls in her class. There are just four of them, and truth be told, it wasn't grand at all. My expectations for Friday night lowered. I was just hoping they could finish the two different dances.

Friday afternoon, her dance bag was missing. She left it at the studio the night before. Slightly important to have...we were running late, I still had not dried my hair, her hair was not up....really the list could go on and on...

We made it, and I have to admit that it far surpassed my expectations...she did such a beautiful job, and most importantly she smiled the whole time. You could see in her face exactly how much fun she was having!!

Sorry for the bad photos--so many rules about photographs! No flash!

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The Brantley's said...

I love the black and white photo!!