Sunday, November 30

And breathe...

The Thanksgiving holiday week is over, and I am grateful! I have sat down to write a Thanksgiving post at least a dozen times, and yet nothing quite sounded right. There are so many things I am grateful for this year--from silly things like lower gas prices to big things like having three healthy children. The list is huge.

We have had 9 days together as a family, and they have been a busy 9 days. We played Rock Band with the other coaches, spouses, and booster club officers one night. Bentley turned 5, and we hosted our community group monthly dinner one night. John had some buddies over for a LONG GAME of Risk one night. Our family came over for Thanksgiving, and my brother let my nieces (10 and 4) stay with us for a few days. I drove them home to Augusta yesterday and headed back here. We had a small family/neighbor birthday party here today for Bent. It was nice!

And all this to say, that I think the thing I am most grateful for this year is relationships. Our house has been an open door this week, and while it could have been very stressful, it wasn't. The kiddos were champs--adjusting their schedules and routines to fit in such a variety of activities--to open their home (sharing their space and their toys) and hearts to others. They kept their spaces clean despite being stuck inside for the cold November rain.

I mean , really, my heart is completely full.

And while I am mentioning what's on my heart, please pray for the country of Thailand. You won't see it on the regular news here, but you can check out the news on BBC. There is a lot going on in Bangkok right now--and our dear friends in Thailand are on their knees praying for a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

And now, I think I'll take the month of December to just sit back and breathe...

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