Saturday, November 29

18 Months for Ellie Boo Ryan

Our little Ellie Boo is 18 months old today. She goes to the doctor on Tuesday, so I will update with her stats after the appointment.

She is a super star on the stairs now, so I imagine we will take down the baby gate that I dreaded putting up. She is by far the most easy-going, laid-back baby I have ever encountered. She is getting pickier by the day with her eating, and she always lets us know when she needs a "nack" or her "bup." Her vocabulary is quite large, well over 100 words...but she is like me: she only uses her words when she wants to. It is like she sits back, observes, and waits until she really wants to speak. Today in the car, she practically yelled "please" when she saw her siblings eating a Hershey Kiss. The number of times we've heard her say please before this? Maybe 4 times, at a whisper. She is quick with a thank you, and she now says "Maggie" instead of "Mag Mag."

Happy 18 Months, Ellie!

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