Thursday, October 2

Man Overboard.

My Mom bought Bentley a cute long-sleeved T shirt that reads "Boy Overboard." I tease him a lot and tell him it says, "Man Overboard." It was slightly cooler here today, so he wore this particular shirt. It is my bedtime, and it is just now that I can laugh and say that I think his shirt was foreshadowing my day!

We all left the house this morning for our homeschool co-op. I was on time (early, even!). We were 2 turns from my friends' house when Ellie let out this awful noise. I thought it sounded like she vomited, but I was being highly optimistic. It only took about two seconds, and I knew for sure she had emptied her stomach. She is not the crying type, and she was not crying. IT JUST SMELLED AWFUL.

I arrived at co-op, made arrangements for the older two, and began the journey back home with a yucky baby and a smelly car. I bathed her, threw her clothes in the wash, and headed out to try and salvage the car. I took the car seat apart and steamed cleaned the upholstery. All better, right?

Not so much. Tonight, once the car seat cover was clean and dry, I went back out to get the pieces to put it all back together. It seems that "not me" decided to move a piece, and it is no longer able to be found.

Much searching followed. No piece was found. One sick kiddo, one unusable car seat. Excellent.

So just for fun, here is my day by the numbers:

# of minutes trapped in a smelly car: 25
#of loads of laundry I did: 3
# of children who did not lose the car seat piece: 2
# of people who search the van in case I "missed" it: 5
# of minutes we looked all over the driveway and front yard: 45
# of minutes I spent looking to see if I can order a replacement: 30
# of hours until the company answers my phone call: 9

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Anonymous said...

And who says a mothers job is boring...naps and bon bons? I don't think so!!