Saturday, October 4

Costume Making, Round 1

This year, come October 31st, we will be representing the Wizard of Oz. Maggie will be Dorothy, Bentley will be the Lion, and Ellie will be the scarecrow. John, if he lives up to his word, will be a mighty fine tornado.

I bought Bent's costume off Ebay last month, so it only leaves Maggie and Ellie's to be made (John is totally on his own with that tornado!). I worked on Maggie's tonight, and I'll probably finish it off tomorrow. It is looking so cute--I'm super glad we read the Wizard of Oz this year!

Pictures tomorrow, MAYBE!


angie said...

so cute! i can't wait to see pictures of them all :)

Deb said...

Hey John,

An old spiral Christmas tree and some torn sheet strips spray painted different shades of gray might work. Then all you have to do is blow real hard.


Anonymous said...

Emma just told me she wanted to be Dorothy...she has never even seen the Wizard of Oz...wonder where she got that idea from? hahaha!!