Monday, September 15

The School Teacher in me...

...told me to send the kiddos downstairs so we could begin the daily grind. The kiddos had a different plan. "Can we PLEASE go outside this morning? It is so cool out there (I checked, 76 degrees). We want to go exploring."

I thought about it for a minute, and decided I could use the extra thirty minutes this morning. They were having so much fun that I took my camera out and snapped a few pictures.

{Maggie and Bent in the dog run at the back of our yard--shortly before they asked if rubbing two sticks together could really make fire}
{Showing off treasures-berries, leaves, and bugs}
{Hey John, look what's lurking among the jasmine vines}
{Mom, I think you can pick the eggplant}
{Mag's favorite find: "It's so cool how they shed their skin!"}
{Bent's favorite find: "Mom! Mom! It's a newborn strawberry!! Look how itty-bitty!"}

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