Sunday, September 28


Hurricane Ike pulled a number on us in Georgia--we have no gas!!! Not too big of a deal for me-I don't HAVE to leave the house all that often. John, on the other hand, has to drive back and forth to work. He has really needed to put gas in his car for about a week, but as you drive around--no one has gas to sell. I sat in line last night for almost an hour and filled my tank and the gas containers we use for the lawnmower. I brought those containers home and poured them in John's tank so that he can make it back and forth to work this week (or just trade cars with me!). It is truly unbelievable!

It is easy to be frustrated and impatient, but the truth is--it just isn't that bad. Maggie and I have been reading about Joseph and the famine that drove his brothers back to him. She so gets it--they walked from Canaan to Egypt to find food...and the reality is that there are still places in our world today where people starve and go hungry looking for something to eat.

Yes, with a little perspective the gas crunch just doesn't seem like a big deal at all.

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the story of humbling!

I enjoy reading your blog :]