Monday, September 8

Only in Suburban Atlanta...

(...or any other big city. I noticed in Bangkok that this happened with the 7-11 chain.)

In a 5 mile radius from my house, I live near:

8 Publix grocery stores

4 Targets

5 Walmarts

6 Public Elementary Schools

9 McDonalds

The list could go on and on, really. All of this to tell you about the most unfortunate, but also most hilarious, of events last evening.

I made plans to eat dinner with a very dear friend who just happens to live on the other side of "our side" of Atlanta. Most of our planning was through email, and once we had decided on a place, we were all set. Well, almost all set. My friend threw her cell phone away (on accident, I suppose!), and we were left to find each other circa 1998. This really didn't seem like a problem to me (I mean, really, we all survived pre-cell phones)--we had a time and a place. So I went and waited and waited and waited. The hostess sat me at a table, and I ordered a drink. I called John and asked him to check and see if there happened to be any other Taco Mac's on this particular road. He tells me there isn't, so I just wait.

Then my cell phone rings. I answer, and it is my friend...using the teenage host's phone. It appears that there are two, yes two, Taco Macs between our houses along the same road. She was at one, and I was at the other. I paid for my drink and headed for the other. I laughed, by myself, the whole way there--because really we're talking about a little over 10 miles. And the funny thing is, there is a brand new Taco Mac closer to my house than either one that sits between my house and hers!

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