Friday, September 12

Ideas...anyone? anyone?

Okay dear readers, I am in need of a good student dictionary. We own first dictionaries, picture dictionaries, and the large, all-inclusive, unabridged, itty-bitty writing dictionary. Maggie has to look up vocabulary words for her school work, and our children's dictionary has only contained two of her eight words so far. We have used, but I really want her to have a good, usable dictionary. Does anyone have one to recommend? I just flipped through the offerings at (we have a gift card), but searching for "student dictionary" brought up almost 700 I didn't get too far. If you have any thoughts--let me know!


L said...

Hey, I just got back from the girls' school...helping in the class with one and shopping at the book fair with another. While I was there I asked the media specialist about your question. She said that she would go with the Miriam Webster (not sure if spelled correctly) one but nothing lower than the intermediate. I hope this helps. Libby

amy said...

Libby- you absolutely rock! That's exactly the kind of help I needed. Of course, a media specialist would know. I am heading out to the bookstore tonight, and I'll give it a good look through. Thanks a million.