Tuesday, September 30

Ebay to the rescue *Updated*

I have been trying to teach my kiddos (mostly Maggie because she likes to dress herself) a little modesty, and one of my rules is that a shirt is too small to wear if your belly hangs out when you lift your arms. So it was with much sadness when Bentley came down the stairs last night in his beloved Buzz jammies. He had a long, sad face and said his best jammies were too small.

But Bent is a jokester, and while he was sad, he wasn't as sad as he was acting. His next action was this move:
Much laughter followed...showing us his belly was just that funny to him. I guess I'll be looking for some replacements on Ebay--the Disney Store doesn't sell this look anymore.

*****Success! Ebay found a new set of jammies EXACTLY like these upon my first search that were reasonably priced...and some that weren't. Several people are selling these for $29.99. You've got to be kidding me. I only paid $9.99 when I bought them off the rack at the store! Needless to say, I purchased the New-With-Tags reasonably-priced pair. Bent should be a happy camper when his new jammies arrive!*****


L said...

We have the same rule here...once you can see the belly (in A's case usually), it gets put into R's closet. R never really knows because I just take some out when we add new in...I guess I need to start with her so that she understands the reasoning behind the decision. I had to go and buy A a Large halloween shirt because the Medium caused tummy showing...I just cannot believe it. It is so big across the shoulders, but I guess that is what you get when you are long torsoed. Good luck with the pjs.

lisa said...

you are such a good mommy!! I am glad you found some pjs to fit him.