Monday, September 29

Cotton Candy, Ferris Wheels, and some Country Music

Daddy took the afternoon off one day last week, and we headed to the fair. The kiddos LOVE the fair and look forward to it every year. This year, John and I surprised Maggie by taking her the night that Kellie Pickler was in concert. Maggie has loved Kellie since her American Idol days, and boy was Maggie excited!! We only stayed for the first set of songs, but Maggie was THRILLED none-the-less. Her hero, Daddy, even walked her to the front to get a good picture and a close up view. Oh, the joys of having a seven-year-old!

Ellie Ryan on the best ride at the fair-Daddy's back!

Mags, Bent, and I on the Ferris Wheel

Flying kiddos!
Flying bees!
Driving Motorcycles!
And Bentley after the Haunted House. Maggie REFUSED to go in, and Bentley begged for Daddy to go with him. This is his face coming out--priceless. He told us that it was "scary, but fake scary."
And the best part was that it was relatively inexpensive. The kiddos had free admission, and John and I had "Buy one, get one free" admission. The day/evening we were there was a pay one price for unlimited we didn't have to buy individual ride tickets. The concert was free with admission. We bought a bag of cotton candy to share on the way out. Not bad at all...

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