Thursday, September 4

15 Months

Ellie went in for her 15 month check up on Wednesday. Across the board, she's about at the 50th percentile...unless you get a glimpse of her chunky thighs! I am sure they are in the upper percentile ranks! This has been a fun month for us with her--she is walking everywhere and talking up a storm. She is a friendly-sort, greeting all who enter our house with a slight wave and a "hey." Upon leaving, she says "bye" and blows the sweetest kisses. If her "bup" is empty, she will use sign language to ask for more. I trimmed her mullet, so now maybe the hair on the top of her head will have half a chance to catch up with the back...and news upon all news, she is showing STRONG lefty tendencies. Of course, it is way too early to be for sure, but my Dad pointed it out this week, and now that I am watching, I have to agree with him. I may just have a lefty.

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L said...

That is so funny about the lefty part...M is doing the same thing. We have mentioned it a couple of times at home how she is doing more feeding etc with her left hand. The rest of us are right handed, so it is so interesting...libby