Thursday, August 21

Yoock, yoock!

These are a few of Ellie's newest habits and verbalization:

  • Yoock! (Look) Usually said with pointer finger extended. Generally expects object she is pointing at to be handed to her. Not happy if one fails to look.
  • Bu (Book) Has only said this twice (first time we thought it was a fluke), but both times walked over to a book and picked it up. Proceeded to hand the book to someone else and plop down for a story.
  • Maa Maa (Mag Mag) Yells this to her sister if her sister fails to acknowledge her.
  • Bye , not bye bye, just bye. Says this with a cute, brief wave and a huge smile when people leave--whether she knows them or not.
  • She now extends her arms and opens/closes her hands if she wants you to pick her up...with her signature smile, of course!

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