Monday, August 25

What we were up to until the GREAT RAIN '08

Here in "Severe Drought" country, we will from now on, gratefully refer to August 25-26th as the "Great Rain of 2008." It has rained all day off and on, and it is supposed to continue doing so throughout the night into tomorrow. I stood my kiddos by the window and told them that this is how it rained when I myself was a kiddo...long before we rationed toilet water and collected rain in 55 gallon barrels in the backyard. Just kidding...sort of...

But alas! Here are some fun sunshine-y shots from the other day:

{Playing with the Kirbys at the park} {Riding a new to us electric scooter}
{Ellie discovered the bench in our yard}
and ignore the dead flowers...remember severe drought?

{Practicing our new skills}


Amy said...

It's been raining here since Friday, and it continues to rain as I type this...and the weather guy said we might not get much out of the tropical storm. I think I saw a little old man building a boat and the animals loading up into it two by two. Strange.

The Brantley's said...

I wish you would send some of that rain this way...we are still in a drought from two years ago...all we have gotten today is a light sprinkle.

Kimmer said...

What a fabulous little scooter!!!

Tell everyone I say hello and I miss you all very much!