Friday, August 29


Today is my mom's birthday, and it was also three years ago today that my Grandma (mom's mom) passed away. My grandma was a small, but very tough lady. She raised 6 kids on very little money, and she was probably the funniest person I ever knew...seriously. I was looking around today for a picture to post, and I came across this one. It is not a great picture, but one that definitely reminds me of my grandma.

This picture was taken during the summer of 1995--the summer that I decided not to come home from college, but rather to spend the summer with Campus Outreach at Daytona Beach. For parents weekend, my mom and grandma came to visit. I don't actually know who took this picture, but it is my grandmother and me laying out, enjoying the sun. The green bathing suit she has on was probably made in the seventies, maybe earlier than that. She had that particular bathing suit my entire life. Every picture I have of her near the ocean or near a pool, she has that bathing suit on...and I am talking from when I was an infant until my twenties. My aunt probably found this bathing suit when she cleaned out her belongings.
I spent my whole childhood trying to catch up to her in height, and I can still remember the year (8th grade) I grew taller than her. She was a constant in my life--always there, and in my younger years, she was a lot of fun to be around. Later in life, I would pass clothes on to her, and she absolutely loved it. I can still remember some of the sweatshirts that I wore for years, and then she wore for years. She really was more than just my grandma; she was a dear friend.


Jennifer said...

Your memories make me miss my "granny" so much!

Kimmer said...

She was no doubt a wonderful woman!! A fireball and hillariously funny! I have this crazy picture I'll have to send you- it must be where I get my desire to make crazy faces in pictures!