Wednesday, August 6

Three hours later...

So today, I decided to tackle the depths of Maggie's school desk. I went downstairs prepared--with two garbage bags. It is always hard for me to clean it out because I can never decide what to keep and what to toss. I decided to keep a handful of artsy things, her math tests, and her journal. I tossed the rest, broken pencils and crayon pieces included.

So here we are, three hours and two trash bags later, ready to start some school soon. Of course, I just ordered the last of her books yesterday, so I don't have everything in place quite yet. I am working on our schedule so that we can still be mostly done by noon...she can do her independent portions of math, reading, and spelling after lunch.

Bentley is excited about school this year, but truth be told, he is still just four...not old enough for kindergarten. I know he looks like he's six years old, but he's not! I bought him a handwriting book, a journal, and some math. He may or may not do any of it. We'll see how long his excitement lasts.

I am going to venture down now, and see if I can come to grips with my sewing stuff. Good thing John will be home in another three hours!

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