Monday, August 25

Saturday Rituals

I have not really been looking forward to Cross Country season--you know, we see a lot less of John around these parts in the fall. Bentley, on the other hand, cannot wait for the meets to start. Why? Because John takes Bent every Saturday to the meet with him. Bentley gets up early, gets dressed, rides the bus with the team, and hangs out with the team. He loves this time with his Dad, and the team takes good care of him while Daddy is busy. Bentley also loves the fact that he is the one that gets to go with Daddy, and the girls stay home with me.

Last Saturday was his first meet with Daddy this season. One of the moms was kind enough to share some pictures she took during the morning. I love these pictures because you can just see Bentley's excitement and fun.

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Melanie said...

what most awesome pictures!