Wednesday, August 6

I mean, really?

I took the kids to the pool this afternoon. Another family was there, and the daughter in this family is 10 years old. She was crying when we arrived, and an hour later, she was crying when we left. Apparently, her goggles weren't working. Her brother was splashing her from 30 feet away. Her parents weren't fair. She couldn't play the game because she didn't want to swim in the deep end. Her dad was playing unfair. She felt left out.

Her parents kept trying to appease her. The game moved to the shallow end. She used her mom's goggles. Her brother had to sit out of the pool for splashing. Yet, the end result was always the same. Crying. 60 minutes of it.

When we left to come home, Maggie said, "I think her mommy should have taken her home the first time she said it wasn't fair."

And that's when I know Maggie does have a bit of me in her after all.

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