Sunday, August 24

On her own.

I am running a little late getting Maggie to gymnastics. We pull into the parking lot, and there are no spaces for me to park. I glance over at the car wash that sits in the same parking lot, just off to the side. I tell Maggie that she will be late, and I'll just park over at the car wash. She pipes up from the back, "Hey, Mom. Why don't you just drop me at the door and I can go in by myself? Then, you can park and come in--that way I won't be so late."

Now I debated this in my head rather quickly. You see, I have never dropped Maggie off ANYWHERE on her own. Even at dance, I walk her in first before I leave. But I let her do it. I dropped her off, watched her walk through the doors, and went and parked. It took me about 5 minutes to park, get Ellie in the stroller, and get through the community center chaos to get to her class (and I was moving FAST). I walked in and sat down. Maggie glanced up from across the room, gave me a half wave and a smile, and went about her business.

And right then and there, I teared up. She really is getting big enough to do those things on her own, and she does them with a grace and confidence that I did not have at that age. I am having a hard time with her being seven. I am enjoying it, but I am also having a hard time with it!

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