Sunday, May 11

Now he wants to be a dentist.

John and I went out on a date night Saturday night. Mom was watching the kiddos, and the house had one of those "quiet" moments. You know, the moment you realize some of the children are obliviously up to no good because they have disappeared and silence has taken over. Mom found Maggie and Bentley in their bathroom. Just moments before, Maggie talked Bentley into popping* her loose tooth out...and he did just that. So, she did what any good sister would do and paid him for his services this morning by splitting her tooth fairy money. The two of them seriously make me laugh.

*Popping is the verb Bentley chose to describe this event. I believe his exact quote was, "If anyone needs a tooth popped out, just ask me or mommy."


Also, Bentley has now decided that he will be a dentist one day, a police man the next day, and a train rider the next day.

Maggie still aspires to be an artist and a waitress. I tell her the two go hand in hand.

We dream BIG dreams in our house.

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