Saturday, May 3

A glimpse of May.

Here's a glimpse of our calendar this month:

  • Church- wide luncheon (tomorrow)
  • Thailand meetings
  • Swim lessons for Bent
  • John's brother's birthday
  • Relay for Life event
  • My Aunt's birthday
  • Mother's Day cookout at my house
  • Soccer banquet
  • Gymnastics recital
  • End of school neighborhood pool party
  • My neighbor's birthday
  • Ellie's first birthday party
  • Memorial day pool party
  • My birthday
  • End of School for John
  • Ellie's real birthday/our anniversary

I do not think May could possibly get any busier! But, hey! What do I know? And I left off all the regular things we do every week.

1 comment:

angie said...

are you on a relay team?! we will be there too!!