Thursday, May 29

Ellie turns 1.

Last year, Ellie Ryan joined our family at 10:35 am. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family!

Some of the things she's doing these days:

  • Cruising along anything that stands still

  • Saying Mama (MawMaw), DaDa, Mag Mag (MaaMaa) discriminately

  • Waving goodbye and occasionally saying bye

  • Climbing up stairs at ANY AVAILABLE chance

  • Making kissing noises when asked for a kiss (CUTEST THING EVER)

  • Clapping

  • Moving to the beat if music is on

  • Pointing

  • Eating real food 99.9% of the time

  • Drinking whole milk from a sippy cup

And a bunch of other things I am probably forgetting at this moment. Her personality is beginning to shine through, and not unlike her siblings, Ellie seems to be a clown of sorts. She's funny, and she knows she's funny. She cracks up laughing at herself and at us at random times. She has a smile that lights up her entire face, and she is quick to flash it for you. She eats just about anything and appears to be as laid back as Maggie was/is. She simply goes with the flow and is happy just to be loved. Maggie and Bent ADORE her, and they help me out with her so much!

Happy First Ellie Boo Ryan!

Enjoying her birthday gift from the neighbors!

My favorite face she makes--she does this at least 20 times a day!


L said...

Amy, Can you hardly believe a whole year has gone by? I think #3's first year went by so much faster than the other 2, if that is even possible.

Happy anniversary too! Libby

Kimmer said...

Sooo cute!

Papa and Nana said...

Happy Birthday little Ellie...we love you!!

Happy Birthday Amy...we love you!!

Happy Anniversary John and Amy...we love you!!

Papa and Nana