Tuesday, April 15


This is Spots. Yes, Maggie named her almost three years ago...hence the name. She's a GREAT dog, and the kiddos just adore her. Last week during Spring Break, John noticed that Spots was acting lethargic and had a large lump on her neck. Our normal vet is a good drive from here, so John got up and took her to a different vet right down the street just to get her seen quickly.

John called from the cell phone to tell me that the Dr. wasn't really sure and wanted to do about $400 of tests and blood work. Now, John and I LOVE our pets, but we really weren't sure what to do. I would have felt a lot better about $400 if there was DEFINITE treatment involved. So after much conferring over the cell lines, we decided to ask if we could just try out an antibiotic first to see if it was an infection before we submitted Spots and our grocery money to all the testing.

She has been on the antibiotics for 5 full days now, and the lump is noticeably smaller. John now thinks it may have even been a wasp sting. Needless to say, my whole point in sharing this--a siren just passed by our house, and Spots is going crazy with her beagle howl. And never, ever, ever has her howl been such a sweet sound to my ears!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am extremely happy Spots is ok. And I know Papa is too if he's seen this.