Saturday, March 22

A lot to catch up on...

It is 8:30 a.m. In the next 6 hours, we will have:

  • Prepared for the day
  • Girls to dance practice
  • Boys to brunch
  • All, plus extra friends, to church Easter Egg Hunt
  • Lunch
  • Girls to Brownie Scouts

I'll blog about it all later, when the afternoon slows down!


Okay, now I really need to hit the hay. Here's a quick update on our day:

  • Dance went well, and we managed to sneak out a few minutes early.
  • Easter Egg hunt was a blast, and I have a great Maggie story to share sometime this week about it!
  • The girls and I had a quick lunch out (Maggie, her friend, and me).
  • Brownies was fun. The girls made smores, did some work, and worked on a badge.
  • We came home and worked in the yard. The grass has officially been cut for the first time this year. John also planted a few more azaleas in the back by our new cherry tree.
  • I made pasta salad and potato salad for tomorrow's meal.
  • Grannis came home from a week in Mississippi.

We did take pictures today, and I am sure we'll take more tomorrow--so pictures soon!

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