Tuesday, February 12

My friend, Amy, tagged me--so here goes:

Directions: Share five random and/or weird facts about yourself; Share the five top places on your “want to see or want to see again” list; Tag five people at the end.

1. All three of my children were born early...Maggie and Bentley were both 11 days early. Ellie Ryan was 13 days early.

2. I love reading children's books and picture books. I would love to own and read every Newberry winner and Caldecott winner. Current count of Newberrys that I've read (including honor books): 58; Caldecotts (including honors): 60.

3. When I got married, I really only knew how to cook a handful of things. My grandmother and John's grandmother taught me how to cook. I am the only one in John's family who can make a caramel cake like his grandmother.

4. I am not athletic in the least bit. My 6 year old is quite the opposite. She gets it from her daddy.

5. I am not big on crowds. I would much rather hang out in small groups.

Places I want to go in the USA :

1. The Black Hills
2. The Grand Canyon-I'd like to hike it again, this time with my kids
3. Boston --so much history!
4. Cooperstown, NY
5. I'd like to drive at least part of Route 66 with the kiddos. Anybody else have Cars fans out there? My kids want to trade our annual beach trip for a trip on the "Mother Road."

Places outside of the USA

1. Prince Edward Island, Canada
2. Australia
3. England
4. Tanzania or Kenya
5. I'm always game for Thailand

As far as tagging other bloggers...do it if you want to and let me know...I'll link to you if you want. Thanks, Amy, for making me take a few minutes out and think!

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Amy said...

Ah yes, the Mother Road. And you can stay for the night at the Wheel Well.