Tuesday, February 19

Busy few days around here...

On Friday, we went to Bounce-U with our church. It was a lot of fun for the older kids--not so much for the younger ones. They also only have certain times you can come bounce called "open bounces." I prefer the freedom of Monkey Joe's--any time they are open, you can go bounce. Monkey Joe's also has a l0t more for the little ones to play on and do.

Saturday, Maggie and I went to the Fox Theater to see a ballet. We saw Cinderella and thoroughly enjoyed it! I believe that Maggie enjoyed dressing up just as much as the show itself.

While we were enjoying the ballet, my mom took Bentley and Ellie to a birthday party at The Playroom. They had a lot of fun, and Bentley says he "definitely, definitely wants his birthday party there next year."

Saturday night, John and I went out to a place down on Marietta Square to listen to a band and hang out with friends. It was a lot of fun...something John and I do not get to do very often.

Sunday, it rained. Mom and I took the kiddos up to the outlets for the day...we made a few purchases, but nothing major. And did I mention that it rained?

Monday afternoon, Bentley and Ellie went to play at their cousins' house, while Maggie and I joined some friends for the circus. Our friends had someone give them tickets, and there were two extra. Maggie and I thoroughly enjoyed The Greatest Show on Earth--since neither of us had ever been to the circus before!

And just to prove my stellar parenting skills--we did all of this with no camera. Wowzers.

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