Tuesday, December 18

Candles for Advent

Each night during Advent, we gather around the table and light the appropriate candles. We read scripture, sing carols, and pray together as a family. Our wreath is nothing fancy, but the kiddos think it is the best thing in all the world. We started doing this a few years ago, and now, it is the tradition we love the most. My kiddos have a very real understanding that the center candle, the Christ candle, is lit on Christmas Eve because that is the day we celebrate Christ coming into our world. Their prayers are heart-felt and sweet--filled with the honesty and humbleness that only a child can possess.
We fill our days with all the fun that the Christmas season brings, and in the evening, we take a little time out from the busy-ness to enjoy the reason for the season as a family. Yes, it is my favorite tradition...

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