Monday, December 10

All about Ellison

Ellie went to the doctor this morning, and she is right on track...except for that whole sitting up business...which I have mentioned before--she is not really interested in. Crawling? Now that is something Ellie yearns to do, and I know this because at least once an hour she pushes herself up on her knees. And she is enjoying eating. She doesn't like anyone to eat in front of her if she doesn't have something to eat herself. So now we strive to have dinner during her evening makes dinner just a slight bit more peaceful.

Her current stats are:

Weight: 14lbs 15 oz --30%

Head: 42 cm --30%

Height: 27 in --95%

I believe she will be tall like Bentley. The kind doctor pointed out that infant car seats usually have a 28-29 inch limit, so we need to check on ours and move Ellie on to the next realm of car seats soon. We weren't really even thinking about that one, but we'll get right on that task!


L said...

Yes, we moved M about a week ago to her "big girl" car seat. Just one more reminder that the infant stage is a thing of the past. And we are in the same boat with food. However, since she can stand and walk down the couch, if any of us are eating she will pull up on the kitchen chairs or whereever we are and just lick her lips...too funny!

The Brantley's said...

Bruce was 29 inches at 6 months...I hated moving him to the next car seat so soon. I think we might invest in one of the new infant seats that goes to 32 inches with Addie.